TikTok is no longer just a place where you upload dance routines and challenge videos – it’s become much deeper than that!

If you’re an avid TikToker, then you’re probably part of a TikTok subculture, group or even ‘cult‘ which allows you to socialise with other TikTok users who have similar interests to you.

The latest trend which divides TikTok up into sections is ‘Straight’ and ‘Gay’ TikTok.

But what exactly do these terms mean?

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What is ‘Straight’ and ‘Gay’ TikTok?

TikTok users are dividing the TikTok community into two categories, ‘Straight TikTok’ and ‘Gay TikTok’.

This categorisation is based on the sexuality of the person, and allows users to identify with a certain group and socialise with others who are similar to themselves.

People see TikTok as a safe place to discuss their sexuality

Many people are openly discussing their sexuality and becoming part of the ‘Straight’ or ‘Gay’ communities on TikTok.

This should be marked as a positive step in the progression of social media, as users are seeing TikTok as a safe place where they can reveal and discuss their true sexuality without fear.

The ‘Straight’ and ‘Gay’ communities have become TikTok rivals

The two groups often engage in rivalry on the social media app, but it’s usually merely lighthearted humour between the two communities.

‘Straight’ TikTok is a term often used by the ‘Gay’ TikTokers to humorously mock a certain TikTok stereotype, usually a white American teenager who makes typical dance and lip-sync videos.

However, ‘Gay’ TikTok does often claim that ‘Straight’ TikTok does little to include and celebrate LGBTQ+ issues.


how i realized i’m on the gay side of tiktok and have literally never experienced *straight* tiktok

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