The Roblox Piggy story has been a rollercoaster ride and now that chapter 12 has been released, gamers are left trying to solve the final mystery – unlocking the real ‘true’ ending!

Chapter 12 of Piggy starts with you and George following Mr P into the power plant – which is the map where this chapter takes place.

Your goal is simple, find out what has been going on at the power plant, unlock all of the doors available and stop Mr P!

In order to find out more about what has been going on, you need to find the ‘notes pages’ that are scattered around the map. These explain that the hospital was shut down and Mr P’s team continued their experiments at the power plant, but the team becomes infected too.

After saving Mr P from his evil-trance-like self, he decides that he will sacrifice himself in order to destroy as many of the infected monsters as he can.

This is where the three possible endings for Piggy chapter 12 come into play.

Piggy chapter 12: Bad ending

If you want to experience the ‘bad ending’ to Piggy chapter 12, you need to just walk up to Mr P when the cutscene ends.

As you are talking to Mr P, an infected monster comes out of nowhere and gets you. That’s it, you’re done.

After the credits roll, you see yourself turn into an infected monster.

Piggy chapter 12: Good ending

If you want to get the ‘good ending’ to Piggy chapter 12, you need to leave Mr P where he is and leave the power plant with George.

Outside you find that Zizzy and Pony have destroyed all of the infected monsters. You explain that Mr P is no longer a bad guy and the four of you form a new group.

The last scene is the group heading out into the world and trying to find a cure for the infection.

Piggy chapter 12: True ending

At the moment, there is no bigger unsolved mystery in Roblox than the ‘true ending’ of Piggy chapter 12!

There is indeed an actual true ending in the game, but it has yet to have been solved by anyone.

MiniToon (the games creators) has added a ‘True Ending Badge’ but at the time of writing, no one has this badge and its rarity is labelled ‘impossible’.

Many gamers believe that this true ending would give us a lot more cutscenes and story that would set up the next stage of Piggy.

Some think that it may have something to do with Bunny – who is infected in the metro. However, the honest truth is that nobody knows!

There are lots of Roblox content creators streaming right now trying the figure out the mystery.

Could you be the one to find the answer to the true ending?

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