PUBG update to console adds Public Test Server, new skins and weapon balance changes.

In recent months, PUBG has really picked up their game in terms of live service updates and bug fixes.

Update 7.2 for console players has just been released and includes a host of changes to the base game.

However, the most anticipated update comes in the form of the Public Test Server finally being released on Xbox and PS4.

Here is everything you need to know about the console 7.2 update.

PUBG console patch notes: Public Test Server

PUBG’s test servers are finally here on console. The PTS (Public Test Server) is a separate PUBG server that is available for anyone who owns a full copy of the game.

“The purpose of the test server is not just to provide a preview of upcoming features, but to find the issues and bugs we need to solve as soon as possible.” –

If you want to access the PTS on Xbox, you can download the “PUBG – Public Test Server” on the Microsoft Store or the ‘My Games and Apps’ menu.

If you want to access the PTS on PS4, you can download it from by searching “PUBG – Public Test Server” in the ‘Purchased’ section of your Library.

However, all of the plater data, statistics and customisation from the test server will not be carried over into your live server account.

PUBG console patch notes: New Skins

The entire attire set for the Naval Officer is now available from this patch. This includes the Naval Officer Formal Jacket, Peaked Cap, Skirt, Pants, Formal Gloves, Lace-up Boots, Loafers and black shades.

We also have new skins form the PUBG X Twitch Broadcaster Royale. We have BreaK’s Gloves, Hoodie and SLR skin and Lumi’s Kar98k, Shirt and Shoes.

We also gain access to ZeratorR’s Long Sleeve Shirt, Pleated Skirt and Shirt and Ashek’s AKM, Crossbow, Gloves and Shirt.

PUBG console patch notes: Weapon changes

The reload times for the M416, M16A4 and SCAR-L have all been increased. This has been done in order to “make them less of a go-to for their effectiveness in all situations.”

The M16A4 and MK47 Mutant have had their recoil reduced in semi-auto and burst mode and tracers have been added to the shooter mode. These adjustments have been made to “give them more life on the Battlegrounds.”

The Beryl M762 has had its recoil reduced and its muzzle velocity increased from 680m/s to 740m/s.

There has also been a significant amount of changes to shotguns, mainly to the body damage multipliers. Limb damage multiplier has been increased from 0.9 to 1.05 and to the head from 1.25 to 1.5. Shotguns have also had their hip-fire accuracy increased, decreased accuracy penalty when moving and decreased damage drop-off.

Specifically, the Saiga S12K has had the extended and Ext, Quickdraw mags increased to 10 round capacity and the suppressor now adds slight pellet spread reduction. The S1897 has had its pump-action speed increased and the Sawed-off has an increased reload speed.

Weapon changes Console 7.2 update

PUBG console patch notes: Other updates and fixes

  1. Ranked Mode: New ranked mode with six tiers and five divisions within each tier.
  2. Amour vests now provide inventory space
  3. Vehicle tire UI now colour coded with more intuitive information
  4. All-time winners’ team and players names are engraved in Hall of fame in Erangel
  5. Small houses with better loot added to Dinoland, Vikendi

There has also been a host of texture, world and gameplay fixes. For full patch notes, click here.