Maneater may have only just released, but gamers are already maxing out their shark. Here is all you need to know about the Shadow evolution set and Fatwick Bayou.

The Grand Theft Auto meets Jaws RPG game, Maneater, has only just released on PC, PS4 and Xbox One but it is already causing a storm online.

With a large open-world experience and enjoyable game mechanics, players are loving the chance to devour people at will as a gigantic Bull shark.

As players level up, they can unlock different evolutionary traits. Currently, there are three main sets that you can collect; Bone, Bio-electric and Shadow. However, there is some confusion online as to what benefits this last upgrade-tree has.

Maneater: Shadow Evolution

Shadow Teeth: This evolution drains the blood of prey you bite, healing yourself in the process. Passive effect for 30% Bite Damage and On Bite effect of 50 health. However, it requires the shark to be age ‘Teen’.

Shadow Head: This evolution strengthens your neck muscles, allowing you to whip prey around with ease and lunge at great speed. Passive effect for 10% Lunge Speed and 25% Thrash Damage, but needs age ‘Elder’.

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Shadow Fins: This evolution releases poison cloud around you when you evade. Passive effect is a poison cloud that puts 5 poison counters on all creatures within 5m that reduces their speed, damage resistance and damage output. However, this evolution requires age ‘Adult’.

Shadow Body: This evolution gives you the Shadow Form ability which slows the words around you while also releasing an aura of poison each time you lunge. Active effect is the slowing of the world by half, with a 20% acceleration bones, 20% max speed, 20% lunge speed and 20% swim speed. You also release the same poison cloud from Shadow Fins, but requires age ‘Adult’.

Shadow Tail: This evolution allows you to launch a ball of poison from your tail when you tail whip. Passive effect gives a +20% max speed and +20% swim speed. However, on tailwhip it releases a poison ball that inflicts 50 damage on hit creatures up to 30m away, who will be affected same as Shadow Fins and Body. This unlock requires age ‘Adult’.

If you have the entire shadow set equipped, it will give you a +10% max speed.

Maneater: Fatwick Bayou

Fatwick Bayou is one of the areas available for players to explore in Maneater’s open world.

There are 10 landmarks that players need to consume in order to register them as visits. Here is a map of all 10 yellow sign locations provided by Gamerant who have maps for the license plates and nutrients caches in the area.

Be aware that there is also a mission available in Fatwick Bayou called ‘Whole Lotta Rosie’ that players can complete.

This Kill the Apex mission has players going up against a massive level 20 American alligator called Rosie. Defeating Rosie will give players the Amphibious evolution, but be aware that this will take you several minutes to do.

Fatwick Bayou landmark locations – Gamerant images

Maneater: Max level

Currently, the max level cap in Maneater is 30. There are four ‘ages’ that are measurements of level: Teenager – Level 4, Adult – Level 10, Elder – Level 20 and Mega Shark – Level 30.

However, there is another type of system that you should keep an eye on, Infamy. This is a measure of how infamous you are with the tasty human population and caps out at 10. Each time you level up by defeating the hunters, you gain upgrades but the battles only get tougher from there.

Maneater is available right now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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