Episode 7 of Killing Eve’s third series takes us to the Scottish city of Aberdeen but was the episode actually filmed on location there?

Killing Eve has been a TV revelation since it arrived on our screens in 2018.

The BBC America series has quickly become one of the most popular shows currently airing with millions of viewers tuning in weekly.

The combination of gripping espionage, thrilling action and captivating acting performances have made it a must-watch show.

One of the most-loved aspects of the series is the globe-trotting adventures that Eve and Villanelle embark on but in episode 7 of series 3, Killing Eve ventured to a location much closer to home than Barcelona or Rome.

Killing Eve series 3 on the BBC

Killing Eve arrived on BBC iPlayer here in the UK on April 13th and new episodes have been following weekly since then.

In series 3, we join Eve and Villanelle roughly six months after their fateful encounter in Rome at the end of series 2.

While Eve slowly starts to get herself back into the action, Villanelle is already busy trying to win favour from the mysterious organisation known as The Twelve.


Episode 7: Eve and Villanelle find themselves in Aberdeen

In episode 7, titled You’re Mine, Villanelle and Dasha head to the unexpected location of Aberdeen for their latest hit, a brash American businessman who needs to find himself a belt.

Eve, who has been on Villanelle’s tail throughout the series, learns that Villanelle is in the UK and quickly works to track her down, culminating in a near-miss at Aberdeen’s train station.

However, eagle-eyed fans will have noticed that the train station in question is not, in fact, Aberdeen’s train station at all.


Was Killing Eve really filmed in Aberdeen?

  • No, Killing Eve was not actually filmed in Aberdeen.

Much to the disappointment of fans, Killing Eve was actually filmed in London and South East England.

For the interior of the Aberdeen hotel that Villanelle and Dasha stayed in, filming actually took place at St Pancras train station in London and the same location was used for Eve and Carolyn’s meeting earlier in the episode which was filmed at the Gilbert Scott restaurant there.

Meanwhile, the golf course where Villanelle turns on Dasha was actually Camberley Heath Gold Club in Surrey and the Zig Zag Road near Box Hill played host to Eve’s meeting with the American businessman after he escapes from Villanelle.

The train station at the end of the episode, where Eve almost caught up to Villanelle, was not Aberdeen’s train station but rather the Stansted Express platform at Liverpool Street Station in London, while Eve also appears at the proper Liverpool Street Station moments later.

Killing Eve concludes on BBC iPlayer on June 1st while episode 7 will hit BBC One on May 31st at 9:15pm.

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