Rangers have seen Celtic win their ninth straight league title – but not quite in the way that many would have expected.

The global pandemic means that football has been shelved for the last two months. Scotland’s season was officially ended last week, with Celtic awarded the title.

The Bhoys were 13 points clear of Rangers and closing in on the title, but some still aren’t too impressed that Celtic have been handed the title early.

What Happened to Fortress Celtic Park?

What Happened to Fortress Celtic Park?

That’s now nine in a row for Celtic, and the goal of 10 is becoming a real possibility. Rangers fans can point to some of those being won without Rangers in the top flight, or now with one being awarded early.

In fact, ex-Rangers defender Gareth McAuley has chimed in. A boyhood Gers fan who spent just one year with the club before retiring, McAuley has offered an unsurprisingly strong take.

As quoted by the Daily Record, McAuley has admitted that he feels sorry for Celtic players, because they were ‘handed’ the title rather than winning it on the pitch.

McAuley even suggested that the title is ‘tainted and hollow’, with an asterisk next to it no matter what. The former defender thinks that this situation means this Celtic side won’t be considered true greats like other teams of the past.

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“I actually feel sorry for the Celtic players. They didn’t win the title on the pitch, they were handed it.

“They have officially been crowned champions, their ninth success in a row, but this triumph will always be tainted and hollow,” said McAuley. “All their hard work, dedication and gutsy performances when they grinded out results will be forgotten. In the record books there will always be an asterisk beside this season’s Championship.”

“I know Neil Lennon was on television saying that this title win was the greatest one under his management, but that was all for show and to wind up the Rangers fans watching at home. Deep down it will rankle him that his team weren’t able to secure the title on the pitch. Of course, it wasn’t their fault. The Covid-19 pandemic sadly intervened. But, as a result, history will not look too kindly on this Celtic nine-in-a-row team and that will hurt the current crop of players. They’ll never be revered in the same light as the great Celtic sides that won nine-in-a row between 1966 and 1974, or the Rangers teams between 1989 and 1997,” he added.

Pundit Chris Sutton has hit back, taking to Twitter to react. Sutton mocked McAuley’s comments with a ‘deary me’, and even poked fun at Rangers because they never gave McAuley the chance to celebrate anything.

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