Homecoming season 2 has just dropped on Amazon Prime, but without the first season’s protagonist Heidi Bergman, played by Julia Roberts.

Homecoming is a popular American psychological thriller series produced by Amazon Prime Video.

The show focuses on different people who have come into contact with a memory-erasing drug produced by a mysterious company called Geist Group.  

Season 1 of Homecoming was well-received by fans and critics alike when it aired in late-2018 and season 2 released on May 22nd to similar positive praise.

However, fans were quick to voice their disappointment that Julia Roberts doesn’t revive her character, Heidi Bergman. Here is everything you need to know about why the Hollywood actress doesn’t return in Homecoming.

Who did Julia Roberts play in Homecoming season 1?

Julia Roberts played the main character in season 1 of Homecoming, Heidi Bergman.

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Heidi is a social worker that worked at the Homecoming Transitional Support Centre, a live-in facility that helps soldiers adapt back to civilian life.

Four years later, Heidi is working as a waitress and struggles to remember anything about her time at Homecoming.

When a US Department of Defence auditor inquires as to why she left her old job, she realises that something is astray.

The following events of the series see Heidi discovering disturbing truths about the facility and its owners, a mysterious group called the Geist Group.

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Why did Julia Roberts leave Homecoming?

Whilst we could have easily seen Heidi Bergman return for season 2 of Homecoming, the simple truth is that her storyline was wrapped up pretty nicely.

After she fought back against the group by overdosing both herself and fellow patient Walter Crux (Stephan James), her memories are once again lost.

At this point, there isn’t an obvious way that her story-arc can continue.

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Will Julia Roberts return for Homecoming season 3?

There is a possibility that Julia Roberts will return for Homecoming season 3.

Roberts continues to be an executive producer on the show and is still close friends with fellow producer Sam Esmail. So, there is a chance that Heidi Bergman could one day return – possibly for a cameo depending on where the story goes.

As Walter also featured in season 2, the two reuniting could be a compelling way that the show merges the first two season’s characters and story.

Season 2 of Homecoming is available right now on Amazon Prime Video.

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