Minecraft Dungeons is now available on the PlayStation store meaning Sony loyalists can now buy it.

The PS4 price for the Standard Edition of Minecraft Dungeons is £15.99 whereas the Hero Editio costs £24.99.

On its own, the Hero Pass costs £9.99.

Original story:

Minecraft Dungeons is a new spin-off title from Mojang that is knowingly similar to Diablo with the developers including an hilarious Easter egg for fans of the dungeon crawling saga. While the game can be pre-ordered for Xbox One and Windows 10, it is currently not on the PlayStation store which has resulted in Sony loyalists wondering how they can buy it on PS4.

Although it’s a spin-off from the base experience that everyone is massively familiar with, the reviews for Minecraft Dungeons have been moderately positive with many outlets agreeing that it boasts plenty of charm as well as addictive qualities. It’s not as complicated or deep as the Diablo series it’s compared to, but it should still be a good time for fans of dungeon crawling and the cubed universe.

If you’re a Sony loyalist who is interested in the title and baffled by it not being on the PlayStation store, below you’ll discover how to buy it on PS4.

Why is Minecraft Dungeons not on the PS store?

Minecraft Dungeons isn’t on the PS store because it cannot be pre-ordered on PS4.

Only Xbox One and Windows 10 users can pre-order Minecraft Dungeons, and this explains why it’s not on the PlayStation store similar to Maneater before its launch.

You’ll still be able to buy either the Standard or Hero Edition once its release date comes about, but you cannot pre-load the experience to begin playing the second it releases.

However, while this sounds disappointing, it’s not entirely a big deal as the download size is minuscule meaning you should be able to download and install it relatively quick.  

How to buy Minecraft Dungeons on PS4

You’ll be able to buy Minecraft Dungeons for PS4 from the PSN store on May 26th.

Those wanting to buy Minecraft Dungeons on PS4 should know that its price will roughly be £16.74 for the Standard Edition as it is on Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.

As for the Hero Edition, this will cost roughly £24.99 but comes with the following bonuses (via GAME):

  • Hero Cape
  • Two player skins
  • A chicken pet
  • Two DLC packs when they become available

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