Come to Daddy is arguably one of the best independent films of 2020. However, the adrenaline-pumping final conclusion of the movie has left many viewers confused.

With most of us still in lockdown with nothing better to do then binge the latest movies, there has never been a better time to watch those films you may not have heard about.

Come to Daddy is one of those films that bypassed many of us when it first released back in February 2020.

The comedy-thriller is directed by Ant Timpson, who also produced The ABC’s of Death and stars everyone’s favourite hobbit, Elijah Wood.

Come to Daddy tells the story of Norval, a privileged musician who visits his estranged father. However, after a while, he starts to realise that things are not as they first appear and something strange is going on.

The story may have come to a bloody conclusion, but many fans were left confused at exactly what transpired. Here is your ending explained for Come to Daddy.

The motel showdown

After one of the worst deaths in the history of cinema involving Dandy’s genitals and a barbecue fork, we think that our protagonists are free to escape. However, Jethro makes good on his promise and returns to hunt the men down.

For some mad reason, Norval stows away in the trunk of his car and plans to take revenge on Jethro, who drives to a motel where he has arranged to meet a prostitute.

Poor Norval tries to get a room in the same motel but there is a ‘geology conference’ going on, meaning that all the rooms are booked.

Eventually he breaks into the room where Jethro and Precious are engaging in some rather questionable sexual acts. Precious mistakes the threat to be against her and gets Norval in a headlock.

In what many of us thought was the final scene of the film, Jethro stabs Norval with the crossbow bolt. Just when we think he is going to kill Norval, he stabs him through the cheek with the bolt, who then faints – as we all would in that situation.

A car crash revelation

Jethro then attempts to escape in his car, but Norval popped his tires and the car crashes into a sign which partially scalps our antagonist.

At this point, the two characters walk slowly down the main street in one of the strangest scenes in the entire film, chatting as they go.

Jethro reveals that Norval’s mother was a prostitute that both him and Brian slept with. Does this mean that there is a chance that Norval has killed his real father? Well, we don’t 100% know who is the real father, but yes this is a real possibility.

The last thing we see is Jethro sitting in the street, with a crossbow bolt sticking out of his exposed brain and Norval stumbling into the mist.

A day at the beach

Walking through the forest on his way back to the beach, Norval reads the letter his father gave to him.

Both lay on the beach with their heads on a washed-up log and Norval reveals that he always thought his dysfunctional family would one day be reunited.

He turns and asks Brian: “Why did you lie to me?” However, instead of answering Norval, Brian takes his hand.

The camera pans out and we don’t know if either Norval or Brian survives – our best guess is that only Brian dies. The final shot is of the family when they were younger on the same beach, with the young father embracing his son. Roll credits.

Come to Daddy is available for you to watch right now on Amazon Prime Video and the Google Play store.

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