Call Of Duty Warzone is one of the most popular multiplayer titles as of this moment in time and recently everyone has been running around the map in search of bunkers to open with a red access card. Unfortunately, bunker 11 doesn’t open with a red access card as to get into it you instead need to find specific phone locations decided by Russian numbers.

Everyone is anticipating the end of season three and the beginning of season four for Call Of Duty Warzone, and a lot of people have speculated that a secret hidden within bunker 11 could possibly be a hint as for what’s to come. You also get a blueprint for opening the bunker, but know in advance that some people have been robbed of this reward thanks to others glitching their way inside.

If you’re one of many people seeking for a way inside the mysterious abode, below you’ll find all the necessary phone locations as well as an outline for what you need to do in order to correctly follow the Russian guidance.

Call Of Duty Warzone phone locations for bunker 11

The Call Of Duty Warzone phone locations to open bunker 11 can be found all across the map.

Know that you need to find phone locations for beginning the process of opening bunker 11 as well as different ones for following through.

You can find a detailed map for where to find every Call Of Duty Warzone phone down below courtesy of Reddit user StrangerRobijn.

How to open bunker 11 in Call Of Duty Warzone

You open bunker 11 in Call Of Duty Warzone by finding an activation phone and then following its Russian numbers to three specific other phones.

Using the map above, you begin the process of opening bunker 11 in Call Of Duty Warzone by venturing to one of the phones marked in blue.

If you hear a Russian voice followed by a tone, you should then hear three random numbers uttered in Russian again.

The same Reddit user who provided the map has also thankfully provided translations for all numbers one to nine:

  • 0 – nol
  • 1 – a-deen
  • 2 – dva
  • 3 – tree
  • 4 – chye-tir-ye
  • 5 – pyat
  • 6 – shest
  • 7 – syem
  • 8 – vo-syem
  • 9 – dyev-yat
  • 10 – dyes-yat

Once you’ve received three numbers, you then need to visit the numbered phones on the map in the specific order given – i.e. four, six, two. You’ll know that you’ve visited the correct phone by hearing Morse Code.

After you’ve visited all three of the numbered phones in the correct order, you can then visit bunker 11.

The light should be green and you can interact with the keypad by the door to get inside.

If all of the above sounds too complicated, another way you can get inside bunker 11 is by being an a-hole who camps near it until another team manages to open it.

When this happens, you can then follow through on being a major a-hole by shooting the hard workers to pinch their reward.

You can check out a visual guidance for how to open bunker 11 by watching PrestigeIsKey’s YouTube video below:

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