Pokémon Go has been having its throwback challenges for awhile now and after completing the Hoenn region we’re now onto Sinnoh. While there’s a lot of unique encounters and rewards you can get for completing all of the Sinnoh throwback challenge 2020 tasks and objectives on offer, there is also the chance to catch Shiny Glameow before it becomes rarer to obtain.

Although you’ve most likely been able to complete all of the throwback challenges due to the lack of anything else to do during lockdown, you should know that you can buy a ticket for the final Pokémon Go throwback challenge if you didn’t complete one of the prior seven day events.

Provided you don’t need to buy a ticket and are simply on the prowl for rare specimens to capture and enslave inside a virtual Pokéball, below you’ll discover how to catch Shiny Glameow.

How long is the Sinnoh throwback challenge 2020?

The Sinnoh throwback challenge 2020 lasts until May 29th.

This means you only have until next Friday to complete all of the Sinnoh throwback challenge 2020 tasks to get all of its rewards.

Niantic’s seven day event has the exclusive Pikachu wearing Lucario hats in the wild, and the Pokémon Go throwback also has Shiny Glameow for players to possibly catch.

And this Shiny Glameow is able to evolve from its thin and frail form into the all mass and fat that is Purugly.

How to catch Shiny Glameow in Pokémon Go

You can catch Shiny Glameow during the Pokémon Go Sinnoh throwback challenge 2020.

It will also be possible for you to catch Shiny Glameow after the Pokémon Go throwback challenge, but your odds will be slightly greater during the seven day event.

As for how you can encounter and get the desired capture, you’ll be able to possibly seize it in the wild as well as possibly from hatching 7km eggs.

Rather than being able to spot a Shiny from a distance, you unfortunately will need to encounter as many Glameows as possible until you encounter one that is girly pink/purple as opposed to gray with the colour scheme of Tom from Tom and Jerry.

In regard to Glameow itself, Pokémon Go Hub notes that it’s a normal type Pokémon with a weakness to fighting-type attacks.

Oh, and if you care about details that are supposedly cute, its tail is said to beautifully move like a dancing ribbon when it’s happy. How adorable.

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