Minecraft Dungeons comes out in just a few days and the reviews have been moderately positive with the dungeon crawler described as “an approachable entry point for the hack and slash genre“. There are plenty of people excited for the upcoming spin-off, but it’s currently impossible to pre-order from the PSN store leaving some PS4 loyalists confused about its price and when they can actually buy it.

For those who are mostly interested in the base Minecraft game and don’t fully understand what Dungeons is, you should know that it’s been dubbed a family-friendly Diablo. It’s a lot simpler than the franchise it’s been compared to, but most reviews seem to agree that it’s a good co-operative game for people to simply enjoy.

If you’re fiercely loyal to the PlayStation 4 and are interested in buying the Mojang spin-off, below you’ll discover its price as well as why you can’t pre-order it from the PSN store.

What is the Minecraft Dungeons PS4 price?

The PS4 price for the Standard Edition of Minecraft Dungeons is most probably £16.74.

As for the Minecraft Dungeons Hero Edition, the PS4 price is probably £24.99 or near enough.

There’s no fee listed for Sony’s console as of yet as a digital pre-order is not listed on the PSN store nor are digital codes found on GAME for platforms other than Xbox One and Windows 10.

It’s reasoned that the above prices will be the fees for PS4 users because it’s the costs listed on the Microsoft store as well as the Nintendo eShop.

How to pre-order Minecraft Dungeons on PS4

You cannot pre-order Minecraft Dungeons on PS4.

As of writing (May 23rd), Minecraft Dungeons is not available to pre-order on the PS4 from the PSN store.

In addition to not being able to prematurely buy the spin-off on Sony’s platform, it is also currently unavailable to purchase on the Nintendo Switch despite its eShop listing.

Maneater was recently unavailable to pre-order on the PS4, which would suggest that Sony loyalists will only be able to buy Minecraft Dungeons as soon as it launches on May 26th.

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