Haley Pham and Ryan Trahan just shocked the internet by getting engaged three days ago.

Ryan proposed whilst they were on a road trip and fans are so excited but Haley had to dispel rumours of it being a prank, as many didn’t believe the proposal was real.

Read below for the scoop on their relationship including how long they have been together, and how the proposal happened.

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How long have Haley Pham and Ryan Trahan been together?

Haley and Ryan have been together since late 2018, and have made a handful of videos together on Haley’s channel. They have since created a collaborative channel called ‘The Tramphamily’.

Their popular videos include shopping for a house together, going on vacations, and trying workouts. Many of their videos feature their dog, Spock.

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How old are Haley Pham and Ryan Trahan?

Both Youtubers are still very young, and the title of Haley’s most recent Youtube video is in fact, “Why I got engaged at 19”.

Haley said she made the video to capture her feeling of excitement and that she “can’t wait to watch it back”. Haley went on to explain that “it’s probably such a shock to the majority of the people who watch this” that she has gotten engaged at such a young age, but that she is “so immune to the type of judgment” of other people.

In the video Haley told fans that nothing in her life has been “conventional”, from working full time at 17, to buying a house at 18 with Ryan. She said that other people’s opinions are “not going to faze” her and “definitely not going to convince me to not do the things that I do in my life”.

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