The extremely popular animated basketball series Game of Zones has finally come to a conclusion, but fans are now questioning why the show won’t return?

Bleacher Report’s popular animated web series, Game of Zones has finally come to an epic conclusion after six years of production.

The show initially started off as a quick, two-minute sketch that parodied Game of Thrones created by brothers Craig and Adam Malamut.

However, after 36 episodes and 3 specials, the show has become a much-loved web series by fans of the sport and original show alike.

Season 7 may have only just concluded, but fans are eager to know if and why the show is ending for good.

Game of Zones: Ending explained

Whilst we were robbed of the actual big battle between the Dream Team and the All-Knight team because of darkness (parodying the Battle of Winterfell), there was one final twist in the tale.

All That Glitters | Official Trailer | HBO Max

LeBron is asked: “What does the word GOAT mean to you anyway?” by Kyrie Irving. At this point, most fans of the original GoT knows exactly how this is going to go, having PTSD-like flashbacks in the process.

“What makes a GOAT? Is it the rings? Is it the stats? Is it the style? No, it’s the story. There is nothing more powerful than a good story. And who has a better story than Paul Pierce? Paul Pierce not only has a championship ring, and was a 10-time all-star but he did it all after being stabbed” says Irving.

He goes on to explain his thinking: “He once hit a game-winning bank shot and when asked if he called ‘bank’, he said ‘I called game’. A crippled man who became the most interesting maester in the Mediadel who had the courage to say he was better than Dwayne Wade.”

At this point, the fellow legends of the game all give their approval…Paul Pierce is the Game of Zones GOAT.

Why is Game of Zones ending?

Game of Zones is ending because the show has reached the same ending as its namesake series, Game of Thrones.

The HBO show ended this time last year, with Bran the Broken being (controversially) named as the Lord of the Seven Kingdoms. However, as our hoop-shooting version of the series has roughly followed the same plot, it has also come to an end.

The basketball miniseries was a hilarious parody of the fantasy mega-series, but just as we said goodbye to Westeros, we have to say goodbye to ‘Kings LAnding’.

It is also because of where the storyline of Game of Zones is after the season 7 finale – after naming the GOAT, what else is there to say?

Game of Zones: Season 8

Whilst we all wish that there was another season of Game of Zones coming, it is highly unlikely the show will continue.

Most fans believed that there would be more episodes leading up to the finale because season 7 has less than each of the last three seasons.

However, unless George R R Martin decides to ever write another Game of Thrones book, or there is a GoT epilogue/spin-off series, this looks like the end of Game of Zones.

All episodes of Game of Zones are available on YouTube.

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