Redd is one of the more clamoured for visitors in Animal Crossing New Horizons thanks to how he sells legitimate art for the museum. However, lots of players have lately been asking ‘when does Redd visit your island’ because of how he’s been absent for awhile. Although there’s no set day and time for when he’ll always appear like Daisy Mae, the spawn rates for special visitors such as him have been revealed.

Per dataminer Ninji, the likes of Leif, Kicks, and Saharah will appear on your Animal Crossing New Horizons island every week, meanwhile Redd, Flick, CJ, Gulliver, and Label will randomly fill the remaining two weekdays.

Ninji also notes that there’s a “bad luck prevention” mechanic where the special visitors you miss out on will be given priority in the following week. The dataminer further notes that Celeste only appears on days with meteor shower weather patterns while Wisp picks random days.

Some players have reported not seeing Redd for weeks, which is unfortunate when you can only buy one piece of art from him regardless of whether it’s fake or legitimate.

This means that when he does eventually visit your haven you should definitely ensure you’re buying correct art for your museum as you might not have another chance for awhile.

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A lot of Animal Crossing New Horizons fans keep asking how often does Redd appear so they can buy art from him.

Animal Crossing New Horizons is an addictive game in which you can remarkably recreate locations from other video games or real-life, as well as a game in which you can even create your own weed removal service. However, while all of this is nicey nice, the entire game isn’t all rainbows and flowers as there’s a mischievous fox named Redd who sells fake and legitimate art. While it’s occasionally difficult to know when his art is phoney or authentic, a lot of players simply want to know how often does he appear.

There’s a rumour going around that the fake art you can buy from Redd is haunted. If that appears to be the case, then it’s another reason to add the scoundrel Mr. Fox to your s**t list. Haunted paintings would be bad enough, but they also cost bells and you can only buy one piece of art when he appears.

And, while buying one piece art wouldn’t be horrible if he appeared once every day, the unfortunate news is that the mischievous fox is a wanderer who only occasionally visits your paradise in the making. Below you’ll discover everything that has been shared in regard to how often he appears.

How to buy art from Redd in Animal Crossing New Horizons

You can buy art from Redd when he visits your Animal Crossing New Horizons island with his trawler.

Once Redd decides to venture to your Animal Crossing New Horizons resort, simply step inside his trawler and see what pieces of art he is selling.

There should be four works of art on display and available to buy, but the catch is that you can only purchase one and three of them are fake goods.

Unlike a legitimate piece of art, a counterfeit will not be accepted for the museum by Blather. You can still use the fake art to decorate your home, but – as previously mentioned – there are rumours about them being haunted thanks to blinking eyes.

You can spot whether Redd’s art is fake or legitimate by inspecting the on display pieces against their real-life counterparts on the web.

How often does Redd appear in Animal Crossing New Horizons?

Redd doesn’t appear very often in Animal Crossing New Horizons.

Lots of players have been asking how often does Redd appear in Animal Crossing New Horizons, but his appearances seem to be random and thus unpredictable.

Islanders over on the game’s subreddit have attempted time travelling to determine how many days pass until he always returns, but a conclusive answer hasn’t been found.

One Reddit user has suggested that it’s possible to keep time travelling backwards to the day he visited and find new art, so that’s a loop hole to possibly exploit if you’re never finding him.

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