Netflix’s upcoming Indian horror show, Betaal, is set for release this weekend, but fans want to know whether the series haunted Betaal Mountain is real.

There are some great zombie shows available on Netflix and the latest addition, Betaal looks to be no exception.

The show is the third collaboration between the famous Indian production studio Red Chillies Entertainment and Netflix.

However, this show has stirred up some serious excitement from fans around the world after releasing a teaser trailer at the start of the month.

Betaal is set to be an awesome, adrenaline-pumping series, but fans want to know whether the shows namesake cursed mountain is actually a real place.

What is Betaal?

Betaal is an Indian horror web television series that drops on Netflix on May 24th.

The highly anticipated show is produced from the makers of Get Out (2017), Insidious (2010), Bard of Blood (2017) and Ghoul (2018) – so expect a truly intense thriller that gets the blood pumping.

The official description reads “While on a mission to displace the natives of Campa forest in order to build a highway, Sirohi and his squad unwittingly unleash the curse of Betaal mountain that wreaks havoc on the people and threatens to end civilization as we know it.”

Betaal: Filming locations

Sources reported to the Hindi Times that Betaal was filmed extensively in Mumbai, Lonavala and in the hill stations nearby sister town of Khandala in Maharashtra.

This was further supported when the lead actress from the series, Aahana Kumra, posted photos of the wrap-up party from Bandra, Mumbai, in August 2019.

Is Betaal mountain a real place?

No, thankfully the haunted Betaal mountain from the series is not a real place.

However, there are a few interesting similarities between the cursed mountain and real-world location.

According to the Hindu Times, a majority of scenes on the ‘Betaal mountain’ were filmed in the hills surrounding the small town of Lonavala, a hill station in Maharashtra, India.

Photo credit should read ALEX OGLE/AFP via Getty Images

Lonavala was discovered by a man called Lord Elphinstone in 1771, who was the Governor of Bombay Presidency at the time – similar to the redcoat colonel named Betaal in the show.

The local people are referenced in the description as ‘natives of Campa forest’. Whilst there is no forest with that name in India, CAMPA refers to the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Act. This is Indian legislation that aims to provide a mechanism to “mitigate the impact of diversion of forest land.”

Season 1 of Betaal releases on May 24th on Netflix.

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