The perfect film for the weekend has arrived on Netflix but where exactly was The Lovebirds filmed? Let’s take a look!

So far this year, the streaming service has given us a number of new films to check out, including Uncut Gems, Extraction, Spenser Confidential, Love Wedding Repeat, The Wrong Missy and more.

Considering the cinemas are temporarily closed, we’re certainly glad to still have the opportunity to check out new titles.

Well, the latest is somewhat of a crowdpleaser: The Lovebirds.

It’s the new film from Michael Showalter who gained significant acclaim in 2017 for helming the celebrated rom-com The Big Sick. It was widely regarded as one of the best films of that year, but he’s also directed episodes of such shows as Grace and Frankie and Love.

Now, he’s back with something a little different…

still from “The Lovebirds”, 3 Arts Entertainment et al.

The Lovebirds on Netflix

Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani tackle the lead roles in this hilarious murder-mystery which follows a recently sepreated couple banding together to solve a crime.

They are both suspects in a murder case and embark on a mission to clear their names; all they have to go on is the victim’s name is Bicycle and the killer’s name is Moustache.

As they go further and further down the rabbit hole, more secrets are revealed and more laughs are on offer.

It’s a great genre-hybrid, juggling conventions of the traditional buddy-cop actioner, the rom-com and crime-thrillers. Both the leads boast solid chemistry, but also, it’s worth shouting out the locations.

So, where was it filmed?

Where was The Lovebirds filmed?

The Lovebirds was filmed entirely in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The location is well known for music, cuisine and world-renowned festivals such as Mardi Gras, which attracts people from around the globe.

Of course, this is also where the film’s narrative takes place; Leilani and Jibran meet here for the very first time. As the plot spirals out of control, we follow alongside the pairing as they navigate the city looking for more clues and answers.

Often you find that film productions pass off one city as another, but by filming everything in New Orleans the project is given a sense of authenticity which translates for audiences. Although, a small portion was, indeed, filmed in a studio. Nevertheless, it was largely shot on location.

Much of the filming took place at night and according to The Cinemaholic, the night shifts for the crew ran from 7 pm until 4 am.

Fans praise The Lovebirds

Since the film premiered on Netflix, a number of admirers have taken the time to flock to Twitter and offer their praise, recommending it to their followers.

Check out a selection of tweets:

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