Fortnite is one of the most popular games of all time and this isn’t surprising when it continues to partner with huge upcoming movies such as Rise Of Skywalker and Birds Of Prey. However, while those happened before, the famous Battle Royale title recently showed the new trailer for Christopher Nolan’s upcoming Tenet. And, as if that wasn’t enough, Christopher Nolan is also planning to stream a full movie of his in-game leading fans to wonder whether it’ll be Inception or The Dark Knight.

The collaboration between Fortnite and Christopher Nolan may appear odd on paper, but it’s not really all that surprising as Epic Games have partnered up with Warner Bros. before for Birds Of Prey. Not only that, but Batman has also been in the Battle Royale title before so the partnership before the launch of Tenet was inevitable despite not being as overtly compatible as say Star Wars or Avengers.

If you’re a fan of who many people dub the modern day Stanley Kubrick, below you’ll discover when a full movie of his will be streamed in-game and whether it’ll be Inception or The Dark Knight.

When is Christopher Nolan showing a full movie in Fortnite?

Christopher Nolan will be showing a full movie of his in Fortnite during summer 2020.

In regard to a specific date for when Christopher Nolan will be showing a full movie in Fortnite, expect it to happen just before July 17th.

This is because the purpose of the free film showing is basically to promote Tenet.

And there’s no bigger platform than Fortnite when it comes to promoting a new movie, television show, or video game.

What Christopher Nolan movie is being shown in Fortnite?

An “iconic” Christopher Nolan film will be streamed in Fortnite but we don’t know which one.

Inception would be the best guess seeing as Tenet has been highly compared with it, but The Dark Knight is another possibility for the Christopher Nolan showing in Fortnite.

Intersteller‘s another good movie but not as highly beloved as the other two, and the Prestige is an under the radar flick that no one really thinks of in regard to its director.

Dunkirk is also nother incredible Nolan film, but perhaps it’s too new to be dubbed “iconic”.

Again we’d probably say Inception will be the showing seeing as it’s highly regarded and superficially similar to Tenet, but we’ll ultimately just have to wait and see.

All we know is that when the movie airs you better have some popcorn and beverages ready as most Nolan films are pretty long.

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