This year, due to the Coronavirus pandemic, graduations are among the many events which have had to be cancelled.

Graduates of 2019/2020 have had to celebrate their achievements however they have been able to and the internet has been flooded with pictures and videos of makeshift graduations.

Some people have had an online graduation, others have celebrated with a car parade, but almost everyone is having to spend their big day at home.

If this is you then look no further, we have compiled a list of the best Graduation Filters on Instagram, so even though you may not have anywhere to go, you will definitely look the part.

How to find the Graduation Filters on Instagram

  • Open Instagram and swipe right on your feed to access Instagram Stories
  • Click on your face to activate the filters
  • Scroll through the filters to the end and click on the magnifying glass icon
  • Search the word ‘Graduation’
  • Browse the different filters and effects, and when you have chosen one, click ‘Try it now’ to use it.

Five best Graduation Filters

1.Graduation 2020 by larispeixoto: this filter puts a virtual graduation cap on your head, as well as a matching face mask

2. Graduation cap by verabradley: this filter flicks through some awesome graduation cap designs on your head

3. Graduation speech by newarfilters: this filter places a graduation cap on your head and plays a graduation speech which sounds as though it is being heard at a a graduation event

4. Online graduation by melacastillo: this filter puts your face into a virtual student ID card, with a celebratory 2020 on your cheeks

5. Graduation by redalbums: this one is a simple graduation cap effect, perfect for those graduation shots

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