Although there’s still some who loathe the Epic Games store for its exclusivity deals with Maneater and Saints Row 3 Remastered, there’s no denying that the platform has lately been giving away some incredible titles for free such as GTA 5. And, according to a free mystery games leak that has been floating around the internet, it’s possible that Borderlands The Handsome Collection will be the May 28th free mystery game.

As previously mentioned, GTA 5 was recently given away for free on the Epic Games store and this quickly resulted in the platform crashing. While it’s unlikely that any of the other games to be revealed will result in the same amount of Black Friday carnage, there’s still a couple of incredibly good and popular titles that could be given away for the cost of nada.

While you shouldn’t treat anything as gospel until the curtain is officially pulled, below you’ll find the Epic Games free mystery games leak which suggests that Borderlands The Handsome Collection will be the May 28th freebie.

How to download Civilization 6 for free

You can download Civilization 6 for free from the Epic Games store until 16:00 on May 28th:

  • Sign into the Epic Games store/register for an account
  • Select Civilization 6
  • Click the golden Get button
  • Follow all the on-screen prompts

You can find the minimum and recommend specs for the game over on the Epic Games store.

While you only have seven days to download Civilization 6 for free, know that you will keep it forever provided you grab it before the deadline.

Epic Games free mystery games leak list

An Epic Games free mystery games leak list emerged on May 15th with the following titles:

  • Civilization 6 – May 21st
  • Borderlands The Handsome Collection – May 28th
  • Ark Survival Evolved – June 4th

The leaked list isn’t official and the post that appears on Reddit even says that it’s unverified.

It’s true that the leak correctly predicted the free release of Civilization 6 on the Epic Games store, but this doesn’t mean Borderlands The Handsome Collection is guaranteed to be next.

Borderlands The Handsome Collection being given away for free would no doubt be amazing as the package itself is amazing, but don’t bet your house on it happening otherwise you could end up disappointed (and homeless).

Ark Survival Evolved would also be a good gimme, but we’ll just have to wait, see, and be patient.  

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