At first, everyone thought that being TikTok famous was just for teenagers doing dance videos. But now it’s clear that the app can be so much more than that!

One area that is becoming hugely popular on TikTok right now is food recipe videos. With most of the world still in lockdown, it seems like people have a lot more time on their hands, and are choosing to spend some of that time cooking.

TikTok can be a great place to get some quick and easy recipes, but you can also learn to cook some pretty advanced things too with the help of these step-by-step online guides.

One TikTok account that is helping people learn to cook is The Pasta Queen, gaining huge popularity on the video-sharing app for her incredible recipes. And she’s also going viral on Twitter, for one very hilarious video.

Photo by Jorge Zapata on Unsplash

Who is The Pasta Queen on TikTok?

The Pasta Queen is a TikTok food account with over 250 thousand followers.

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It belongs to an Italian woman called Nadia who was born in Rome and is currently living in Florida. She shares all her incredible recipes, from pasta to pizza, bread and even Italian desserts!

She also likes to post hilarious reaction videos to other people’s cooking tutorials and has gained huge popularity for doing so.

Watch The Pasta Queen react to someone cooking chicken

Over the past week, there’s one Pasta Queen TikTok video that everyone has been sharing around social media, as she brings two other people onto her TikTok account to react to a video tutorial of somebody cooking a chicken pasta recipe.

The video starts with The Pasta Queen saying “let’s have a look at this”, with some on screen text saying, “if only that chicken knew”.

They then begin to react to the video, and their reactions are priceless. Their faces are full of shock when the person in the tutorial puts a whole bag of frozen chopped onion onto a raw chicken! “Frozen onions on albino chicken!”, they say.

They then follow with, “that looks so wrong”. And probably the best line of the whole video: “He didn’t wanna be there guys, he didn’t wanna be there”, which is referring to the chicken in the oven dish. And we can’t forget when they refer to the juice coming out of the “chicken’s bum”.

Watch the video below and witness the pure comedy for yourself.


Italians #react to @thedogsdinner #foodfail #reaction we started out happy

♬ original sound – thedogsdinner

Twitter users react to The Pasta Queen

People on Twitter are loving the hilarious Pasta Queen reaction video that has gained over 150 thousand views on TikTok.

One Twitter user says the video has “killed” him, with laughter of course.

Whilst others are especially loving the authentic “Mamma Mia” quote which is quickly said before one of the members ducks out of shot in pure shock at the awful chicken recipe.

One person even claims that he actually says “Madonna Mia” which they claim is like “Mamma Mia” but with even more emphasis! Although we’d have to ask someone who knows Italian to confirm that.

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