Terraria recently received its final huge update on PC named Journey’s End. This 1.4 update added a lot of great additions, but fans have largely been complaining about the messy luck system. There have been a lot of complaints online about the bad torch luck mechanic in particular, and a section of fans have been begging for it to be removed.

While there’s a lot of additions to the 1.4 Journey’s End update for Terraria on PC, one of the most notable is the inclusion of golf which is especially great for those who don’t want to buy PGA Tour 2K21.

However, while the inclusion of golf and dozens of new outfits has largely been met with great approval, lots of fans have been complaining about the bad torch luck mechanic. And these disgruntled fans have been so vocal that the hated feature has been quickly removed by the developers.

Terraria hotfix removes bad torch luck mechanic

Hotfix has removed the bad torch luck mechanic for Terraria.

The bad torch luck mechanic was massively complained about by the Terraria community so its removal in hotfix is obviously good news for many.

As for why it was massively complained about, it’s because its inclusion was confusing due to being invisible and impossible to predict.

Hence the name, the bad torch luck mechanic provided a negative effect for certain neutral torches when it came to RNG.

One particular Reddit post massively criticised the luck system as horrible because of the following reason:

“It never says that torches have any effect on luck in the game, so the VAST majority of players are gonna have stupidly low drop/rare enemy spawn rates because of an obscure mechanic that they are never told. If something is this influential, you better be telling us about it.”

Seeing as it was loathed and massively complained about, it’s no surprise that a lot of people have reacted positively to its removal.

Terraria update

The Terraria update has removed bad torch luck in addition to making other improvements.

One of the best from just a reading point-of-view is that “owls now hoot less,” meanwhile another notable change is the significantly increased spawn rate of Prismatic Lacewing.

You can check out everything new and improved in the hotfix by checking out the full changelog.