Starbucks has launched new color-changing cups and here’s where you can get them.

Coffee shops and restaurants have been closed for more than two months due to the pandemic crisis in the UK.

Some have stayed open only for takeaway and deliveries during the lockdown, however, chains like Starbucks have been shut and have just started reopening now.

The coffee chain confirmed on May 14th that it will start the gradual opening of some of its stores for takeaway and drive-thru only.

Plus, Starbucks has launched new color-changing cups and naturally, customers want to know where to buy them.

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Starbucks: What are the color changing cups?

The color-changing cups from Starbucks are cups that change their color when there’s a cold drink in them.

The cup is called ‘Confetti Cold Cup’ and comes in five different colors.

The normal cup is clear from outside, however, when you pour a cold drink in it – such as water, iced frappuccino or iced latte – colorful spots immediately appear on the cup.

You can see how the cup changes when a cold drink is poured in from the video below.

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Color changing cups: Where to buy

The cups launched in the US and Canada from April 30th and they are available in a range of stores across the pond.

You will find them at Starbucks stores, as well as grocery shops such as Target.

It’s unclear when and if they will launch in stores across the UK so searching online is your best option at the moment.

For example, we found the cup on eBay for $39.99 (approximately £32.59) – but these are going fast so act now if you want to add the color-changing cup to your Starbucks collection.

You will also find them on Etsy in the range of £15-25 per cup. But bear in mind that these are sellers from the US so you might need to pay for shipment as well.

In addition, you can search for the hashtag #starbuckscolorchangingcup on Instagram where you’ll see that some Insta users have shared links to local sellers and some also offer the cups as part of giveaways.

Twitter users share hacks on how to find the cups

The cups have gained huge popularity among Twitter users and many have shared their hacks on how they found them.

Some have queued in front of Starbucks stores from early morning just to get their hands on the coveted color-changing cup.

Others have used the help of a friend who works at a local Starbucks shop.

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