SnowRunner’s new patch has just gone live and the update has introduced a host of new features including a Public Test Realm, two new vehicle skins, bug fixes.

SnowRunner is an off-road simulation game from Saber Interactive that “puts you in the driver’s seat of powerful vehicles as you conquer extreme open environments.”

With over 40 different vehicles and three unique geographical regions to explore, gamers are loving the single-player experience.

Thankfully, the developers have been excellent at updating the game and the community about upcoming content.

The latest patch has just gone live and with it comes a bunch of new features, two new vehicle skins and much-needed bug fixes.

SnowRunner patch notes: New features

The most interesting additions within this patch is the release of the Public Testing Realm and a fourth map to the Taymyr region, called Rift.

Most gamers will be familiar with how the realm works, known as the ‘Community Test Environment’ in other titles – featuring upcoming content that may be added to the base game once balanced.

Currently, the new map Rift, is only available in the Public Testing Realm. To get to Rift, you need to follow the northern most road in the Quarry map of Taymyr and follow the dirt path up the hill that leads into the forest.

After the new map, the most important update to the game is the new fly-cam on mod maps, multiple save slots and Force Feedback setting. However, similar to the new map, these are all additions to the Public Test Realm on PC.

SnowRunner patch notes: New vehicle skins

There are also two new vehicles skins that have been added to the Public Test Realm.

The first new skin is for the Derry Longhorn 3194.

The second new skin is for the KHAN Lo4F.

SnowRunner patch notes: Bug fixes

There is also a heap of bug fixes released in the latest patch.

PC Bug Fixes:

  1. Save Data.
  2. Truck duplicated if save game path contained Russian letters.
  3. Black screen when player opened map, could cause save corruption.
  4. Truck disappeared when loading the game after switching maps.
  5. Several corrupted save issues.

Coop game mode:

  1. Player could fall through the ground.
  2. Cargo located on map duplicated every time after user hosted a COOP session.
  3. Missing Khan truck after Co-op play.
  4. Friends list showed offline players only.
  5. Friends list was loading infinitely.
  6. Friends list was hiding offline friends in the main menu.
  7. As coop Host, player could lose truck if they quit the game during a gateway loading screen.
  8. Hidden offline friends in the main menu.
  9. When the guest discovered an upgrade, it was duplicated for the host if he already had it.

In-game crashes:

  1. Player was kicked to main menu after exiting the garage (leaving vehicle in exit zone while another car stand on scene).
  2. Game crashed when two players on different game versions tried to connect to each other.
  3. Game crashed when forced to another map from the garage.
  4. Multiplayer mini-map crash fixes.
  5. Game crashed when two players changed the map at the same time.
  6. Game crashed during the tutorial.

User interface:

  1. Names overlapped in friends list and disappeared when reopening it.


  1. Fixed loading localization from mods (now mod makers can add localization files for their mods.
  2. Changed tag for logs (fix for display error message in Bender).
  3. Sometimes a mod did not download as it should.


  1. Michigan dam duplicate/lost truck bug.
  2. Missing and duplicating trucks after every loading in the solo mode.
  3. The construction rig semi-trailer for the contract ‘Not a drill’ could get stuck in the ground.
  4. Show quest trailers as “Active” + close functions panel while recovering.
  5. Collapsing terrain near water at Smithville Dam.
  6. Player could not control vehicle after trying to repair.

The patch is live right now and available to download in-game.