Dark Side of the Ring is an access all areas documentary series on some of the most controversial moments in wreslintg history but just how can UK fans watch?

Wrestling is the oldest sport in the world and the modern iteration we have today is watched by millions of fans around the world.

Franchises like WWE are often on the receiving end of criticism regarding the authenticity of their wrestling but as Vice TV’s Dark Side of the Ring proves, there’s a real danger in the sport.

Season 1 of the wrestling-based docuseries was released in 2019 and a year later, a second season followed in the US.

But just how can wrestling fans in the UK tune in to Dark Side of the Ring?


Dark Side of the Ring

Dark Side of the Ring is a docuseries from Vice TV. It first arrived on US TV screens in April 2019.

It tells the twisted and tragic tales of wrestling controversies from years gone by and features some of WWE’s biggest stars who serve as narrators.

Season 2 of Dark Side of the Ring followed suit in 2020 and began airing in the US on March 24th.

Vice TV | All 4

How to watch Dark Side of the Ring in the UK

For fans wanting to tune in, all six episodes of Dark Side of the Ring season 1 are available to stream now on the All 4 streaming service.

The six-episode season features episodes on Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth’s fiery affair as well as the death of Bruiser Brody.

What about season 2?

At the time of writing, no UK release has been announced for season 2, even though the new batch of episodes concluded in the US on May 17th.

However, if we look at the previous season’s UK release schedule, it gives us an idea of when we might see season 2 on our screens.

In the US, season 1 released on April 10th 2019 but UK viewers didn’t get to watch the series until Jul 26th, 2019.

If we apply the same logic to season 2, we may well see the series hit Channel 4 or its All 4 streaming service at around the same time in 2020.

Until then, season 1 of Dark Side of the Ring is available to stream now on All 4.

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