The UK has entered the next phase of the quarantine period after the nation spent more than one month in lockdown.

The government has introduced a plan to ease the initial strict rules, but there are some new precautions that people will need to bear in mind.

One of the new rules is that people are advised to cover their faces when they are in a crowded place and keeping social distance with others is not possible. For example, face coverings may be required when people use public transport or in some shops.

Following the new requirement, many people have started searching for reusable face masks and fans of Harry Potter will be pleased to know that they can get a Hogwarts or Gryffindor-inspired one.

Harry Potter Oclus Reparo (Warner Bros.)

Harry Potter face masks: Where to get

  • Etsy
  • eBay
  • YouTube DIY
  • Small businesses
  • UK local sewing groups

Shop on Etsy

Etsy is definitely the go-to place when it comes to creative and reusable Harry Potter-inspired face masks.

You will find plenty of them on the website, ranging from £5 to £20. Some of them include free UK delivery and have tonnes of positive reviews from other customers.

Head here to shop the available range of Harry Potter masks.

Harry Potter mask from CraftsByMollyLouise on Etsy

Shop on eBay

eBay also offers a good range of face masks.

Whether you’re team Gryffindor or Ravenclaw, there are plenty of products for the biggest wizard enthusiasts.

Prices are variable but you will find a decent one that’s reusable and made out of cotton for as little as £5.

Follow this link here to shop all available face masks.

Make one from a YouTube DIY video

There are plenty of DIY tutorials on YouTube that can teach you how to make a face mask on your own.

The great thing about these videos is that you don’t need a sewing machine to be a master sewer as face coverings require just a few basic materials and tools that you can easily find at home.

You can click this link for DIY tutorials on YouTube or watch the one we picked up down below.

Shop small businesses

If you head to Instagram and search for ‘Harry Potter face mask’, you will come across several small businesses that you can support during this time.

For instance, the hashtag #harrypotterfacemask shows a range of masks from local sewers.

A couple of small businesses that we found are Rachel Nicole Co and Twisted Cuts. The second one is based in Taiwan and offers worldwide shipping.

Plus, Colorado-based artist Stephanie Hook has launched Harry Potter face masks that expose the Marauder’s Map once you breathe in.

The masks are currently sold out but Stephanie has reassured her clients that they will be available from May 29th again.


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Support local sewing groups

Here in the UK, Great British Sewing Bee judge Patrick Grant has launched the campaign Big Community Sew where he invites the nation to take part in a sewing challenge.

The fashion designer wants to teach people how to make a face mask at home, as well as to support key workers and vulnerable people who may need protective equipment.

Head to Big Community Sew where you will find links to local sewing groups on Facebook.