Henry Cavill sent the internet into meltdown yesterday when a photo of him that looked like he was a Twitch streamer was shared online.

Almost everyone on the planet knows who Henry Cavill. You know, Superman.

He is loved by millions of people around the world, but the man who portrayed ‘Geralt of Rivia’ holds a very special place within most gamers’ hearts.

The British actor is a known gamer, revealing in various chat shows and interviews that he loves nothing more than unwinding with a video game.

Most of us will remember his infamous Xbox versus PlayStation meme from last year.

However, last night many of us scrambled to Twitch and searched for ‘Henry Cavill’ after a picture of the actor with a streaming setup went viral. So, could Superman be starting his own gaming stream?

Is Henry Cavill starting a gaming stream on Twitch?

Unfortunately, no. Henry Cavill is not (as of yet) starting his own gaming stream on Twitch.

It turns out that Walt was just playing an incredibly cruel prank on us all. As far as we know, Cavill does not have a twitch account.

Even worse, the photo isn’t even of Cavill in the depths of an intense gaming session – instead, the screenshot was captured during the director Zack Snyder’s Man of Steel watch party from earlier in the day. 

Henry Cavill: Superman loves video games

Whilst the actor is not yet starting a gaming stream, he does have a passion for video games. This may have been what caused this fake story to go viral in the first place – it’s believable.

Speaking to GQ last year, Cavill revealed that he grew up playing games like Delta Force, Half-Life, Total War: Warhammer and even hosted his own LAN parties!

“At home, I get to sit playing games for ridiculous amounts of hours and escape there because going outside has the opposite effect” said Cavill.

Rather appropriately, he is also a massive fan of The Witcher 3 although he admitted that: “I just ended up dying at the wrong points and thinking, I should not have left the roads. I don’t know why I left the roads.”

Henry Cavill gaming stream: Best reactions

Understandably, Walts photo sent the internet into meltdown, but the range of reactions is hilarious!

Some people were memeing the image, photoshopping him as a legitimate Twitch streamer playing through a game.

Others just couldn’t quite get their head around what was going on.

Despite the whole story being a joke, none of us would complain if the actor did actually start his own Twitch stream.

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