Grand Theft Auto 5 is one of the most popular games as of this moment in time thanks to it recently becoming free on the Epic Games store. However, aside from becoming a freebie, it has also spiked in popularity thanks to a viral green vs purple aliens gang warfare going on in its streets. For those who wish to participate by joining either side, here you’ll discover everything you need to know about the GTA Online rules.

The GTA Online green vs purple aliens warfare has been going on for awhile and on May 15th there was a massive battle between the two parties. And, while you’d think the fad would be dead, it appears to have only grown as Polygon reported earlier this month that the total number of gang members for each side combined surpasses 20 million.

For all of you newcomers who have only just gotten GTA 5 because of the Epic Games store or are just returning to the game for the first time in years, below you’ll discover the rules for when participating in the mayhem.

GTA 5 Online: Green vs purple rules

The rules for participating in the GTA 5 Online green vs purple aliens mayhem is basically as follows:

  • Melee fights only (preferably with baseball bats, no guns allowed)
  • You must represent either the purple or green gang by wearing the corresponding extraterrestrial suit

Those are really the only two major rules for the green vs purple viral trend in GTA Online. You can discover how to get the baseball bat by clicking here, but otherwise you should be good to go so long as you have either a purple or green extraterrestrial suit.

Aside from the above, there are also smaller rules in place such as driving a car the same colour as the gang you represent.

While this isn’t a massive condition, just ensure you don’t drive a green car if you represent the purple gang and vice versa if your allegiance is to sworn to the other side.

In other news, GTA 5 Online: What are the green vs purple aliens rules?