The second season of Fortnite Chapter 2 is finally nearing its end which means there’s tons of speculation about what’s to come next. While most fans are eagerly anticipating what has been dubbed by the community as a Doomsday event, a lot of fans are also now asking whether shadow bombs are back or at least returning for season 3.

While we don’t know anything official about the next season 3 for Fortnite, we do know that there have been leaks which suggest that an underwater theme could be on the horizon. In addition, we also know that some sort of Doomsday device has slowly been developing behind the scenes and could soon be on the move.

However, while the above are all possibly exciting implications for the next season of the popular Battle Royale title, an item return that would greatly excite the community in addition is shadow bombs.

Are shadow bombs back in Fortnite?

Shadow bombs are not back in Fortnite Battle Royale.

You can still enjoy shadow bombs in creative, but they are not back in the Fortnite competitive scene as of yet.

Although their return hasn’t yet been made nor is it official, there are suggestions online that the item has been added back to the game files following update 12.60.

People on Twitter have replied with scepticism suggesting that it might only be for Spy Games, whereas lots of people are praying for a full return to help the competitive scene.

As suggested by others as well, it’s possible that the item could make its return for the fast-approaching season 3.

Lots of fans obviously want the item to return outside of Creative, but at the moment all we can do is wait and see what potentially comes of the rumoured reappearance.

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