There are five sisters in a room but there’s only one answer to this troublesome riddle. Can you work out what the fifth sister doing?

With the world on almost total lockdown at the moment, we’re all spending much more time at home than we’re used to.

As a result, we’ve all been left having to find ways of keeping ourselves entertained.

While many have turned to the likes of Netflix and Disney+ to keep themselves occupied, others have preferred more engaging methods by taking part in riddles, challenges or brain teasers. 

One of the most recent riddles to surface online has been the ‘five sisters in a room’ riddle but what exactly is the answer to this puzzling problem?

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Riddle: There are five sisters in a room

The five sisters in a room riddle is as follows:

  • There are five sisters in a room. All five of them are busy.
    Ann is reading, Rose is cooking, Lorraine is playing chess and Mary is doing laundry.
    What is the fifth sister doing?

The answer to this tricky teaser is staring right at you.

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Answer: What is the fifth sister doing?

  • The fifth sister is playing chess with Lorraine.

Aside from the large family size, the answer to this particular teaser is quite obvious if you think about it.

All of the other activities only require one person to complete but to play chess properly you do need another person to play against.

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