During lockdown, it seems as though everyone has become a professional quizzer. Being unable to see our nearest and dearest, one popular way to see them and do a fun activity at the same time has been by doing quizzes with your friends and family on a video messaging app like Zoom or Skype.

But get ready, this is your two-day warning, because the biggest and best quiz ever is going to be hosted at 8:15 pm on May 21st. If you’re a huge fan of the British sitcom Gavin and Stacey, then get ready because two of the stars of the show are hosting their own Gavin and Stacey themes quiz. Yes really.

Speaking on This Morning, Alison Steadman, who plays Pam revealed that she’s going to be hosting the virtual quiz alongside her on-screen son Gavin, real name Mathew Horne. It will be hosted on Facebook and is raising money for Marie Curie. Join the quiz Facebook page here.

If you want to give the quiz a go, then you’ll definitely need a Gavin and Stacey related team name to impress your opponents.

Here’s 15 quiz team names to use!

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Quiz related names

  • We’re going to win, and I’ll tell you for why

This one uses Bryn’s famous, “I’ll tell you for why” catchphrase that he uses multiple times throughout the show.

  • The Barry Island Quizzers

This list wouldn’t be complete without a quiz name related to Barry Island, the place where all the series’ are set.

  • Quiz Night at The Dolphin

Quiz nights are often held at pubs right? Well the famous pub in Barry Island is The Dolphin.

  • At the end of the day, when all’s said and done, we’re gonna win

Or why not use Nessa’s famous quote “when all’s said and done”.

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  • Oh, what’s occurring?

Probably one of the most famous catchphrases of the show is Nessa’s ‘what’s occurring?”

  • Oh My Christ!

But Pam’s “Oh My Christ!” is definitely a close second.

  • Gavlar!

We can’t forget Smithy’s “Gavlar!” although you could use “Pamlar” or any name with “lar” on the end really.

  • Tidy.

Another one of Nessa’s, she definitely has some of the best catchphrases of the series.


  • I’ll have a pint. Of wine!

Remember that great moment where Nessa says she’ll have a pint, and everyone is expecting it to be of beer, then she comes out with the famous line “of wine!”

  • To tell the truth, I’m absolutely tw*tted

This quote comes from Gwen’s hilarious neighbour Doris, who comes out with some of the best one-liners of the show.

  • We’re having a barn dance

If you use this one as your quiz team name you have to say it in Bryn’s voice!

  • Smithy doesn’t share

It was a little bit too long for a quiz name to list out Smithy’s whole Indian takeaway order. So instead, we’ve simply gone with Smithy doesn’t share.


  • Three Steaks Pam

When Pam was on the famous Atkins diet she had three steaks for her dinner, and feared she would become known as Three Steaks Pam.

  • My Little Prince

Another Pam quote, she often refers to her son Gavin as her “Little Prince”.

  • Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins

And last but by no means least, why not simply be known as Nessa’s full name Vanessa Shanessa Jenkins.

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