TikTok has seen an immense increase in followers over the past year, and currently has a whopping 800 million active users worldwide.

However, TikTok’s app ratings have suddenly dropped massively in such a short space of time, and users want to know why.

The answer is a strange one and involves two content creators in India. Their feud led to supporters of one to start the hashtag #bantiktokindia and fans spammed the app with low ratings.

The low ratings have nothing to do with the app itself, as until this drama the app averaged positive ratings in most countries.

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Why has TikTok’s ratings slipped?

It all started when Indian TikTokker, Amir Siddiqui posted a video on Instagram calling out Youtubers for plagiarising TikTok videos.

Then, Youtube ‘roaster’ Ajey Nagar, also known as Carry Minati, uploaded a Youtube video on May 8th titled ‘YouTube vs TikTok: The End’. The video, which essentially was a roast of TikTok stars, gathered over 70 million views but was taken down by Youtube for violating terms of service as Ajey used queerphobic slurs.

Soon after the video was taken down, Carry Minati fans took to Twitter with the hashtag #bantiktok and #justiceforcarry and encouraged users to give TikTok low ratings on the Play Store so that the app would get banned in India.

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Have TikTok reacted to the drop in ratings?

The TikTok India Twitter account tweeted and pinned a tweet where they said: ‘TikTok is a platform that celebrates creativity & expression. We aim to create a positive in-app environment that brings people and communities together and request all our users to respect this intent.’

They encouraged TikTok users to read their community guidelines where they outlined the ‘Content Dos and Don’ts’.

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