On May 18th, Harry Styles released the Watermelon Sugar music video and the internet practically exploded.

The video, which is ‘Dedicated to touching’ certainly does not disappoint and undoubtedly sets Watermelon Sugar as one of the songs of the summer, as we see Harry frolicking on a beach surrounded by gorgeous models and fruit.

There is a lot to unpack in this video, from the sensual touching of watermelon, to the models dancing around Harry, to the beach itself.

That’s right, eagle-eyed fans have noticed that the beach Watermelon Sugar is filmed on seems familiar and have started speculating on Twitter. Read ahead to find out why you recognize it.

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Where was Watermelon Sugar filmed?

The video, which was directed by Bradley&Pablo was filmed in Malibu, California. Fans were quick to notice the resemblance to the beach on which the What Makes You Beautiful music video was filmed, which was One Direction’s first single back in 2011.

The shape of the iconic coastline is what caught people’s attention, and what makes the beach so unique.

The beach is in fact the same, and this isn’t the only similarity fans have noticed. The colour of the table cloth in the Watermelon Sugar video matches that of the van Louis Tomlinson drove in the WMYB video, and the shot of Harry and the girls running into the sea is similar to the shot of One Direction running into the sea back in 2011.

The Watermelon Sugar video is unarguably a lot raunchier than the 2011 boy band hit but perhaps Harry could be paying a tribute to his One Direction days… or this could all be one big coincidence. What do you think?

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