Lorde fans woke up to a very pleasant surprise this morning, with an email in their inbox from the woman herself.

They quickly took to Twitter to explain their excitement, as not only had they received a personal email signed off as ‘L xxxxxx’, but there was a hint at new music.

Lorde hasn’t released an album since Melodrama which debuted in 2017 and has been quiet recently, so of course fans are freaking out over her breaking the silence, and she quickly began Trending on Twitter.

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What did Lorde say in her email to fans?

Lorde began her email asking her fans what their hair looks like in quarantine, explaining that when she released Melodrama she said she wouldn’t put out another record until her hair was long as she knew ‘the next record would require the longest and wildest hair yet’.

She went on to wish for the safety of her fans and their families, before telling fans that she ‘feels so grateful for such calm, sensible leadership by our government’, where she lives in New Zealand.

Lorde also mentioned the passing of her dog Pearl, at the start of 2020, sharing a note she found in her phone which said:

I am a grief sandwich

I wear a grief coat

I see a grief film.

She then teased fans that in December, she ‘started going to the studio again’ and felt er ‘melodic muscles flexing’. Lorde wrote that she is still working with Jack Antonoff, who co-wrote and produced Melodrama.

Lorde told fans that she could ‘feel the (extremely sweet EXTREMELY flattering) desperation creeping into’ their voices and that she wanted ‘nothing more than to feed you treats, pop perfect little morsels into your little mouths’.

However, she went on to explain that ‘the pleasant feeling of waiting for something of quality to become available’ is more important to her as she has gotten older and told fans she would rather give fans ‘work that will last ten, fifteen, twenty years’ and that work ‘takes time’.

Lorde also explained that she needed ‘a break from touring at the end of the last cycle’, citing that ‘the combination of brutal stage fright and having no fixed home’ felt ‘grim’. While she still doesn’t know what touring is going to look like for her, calling herself a ‘sensitive sweet pea plant’, she is ‘excited to get back out there’.

She also told fans ‘when it’s safe I can’t wait to hug you again’ and finished the email explaining that she’ll be having ‘fish and fennel salad’ for dinner, before signing off as ‘L xxxxxx’.

When will Lorde’s new music be released?

In her email Lorde wrote ‘I can tell you, this new thing, it’s got its own colours now. If you know anything about my work you’ll know what that means.’ She also said ‘the work is so f****ing good, my friend. I am truly jazzed for you to hear it’.

But when is it going to be released? Is what all fans want to know. While we don’t know a specific date, we can deduce it won’t be for a little while longer as Lorde said in her email that her and Jack are still ‘working away’ and that it will take ‘a while longer’.

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