It’s safe to say that 2020 hasn’t panned out exactly how we wanted it to. As we were clinking our glasses on New Year’s Eve we all did that thing where we said this year is going to be great. We really thought 2020 was going to be an incredible year. Then Covid-19 decided to appear.

At the start of the year, the coronavirus started to slowly spread around the world, leading to almost a full worldwide lockdown just a few months later. Normal life has completely come to a halt as millions of lives have been turned upside down, tragically also resulting in hundreds of thousands of deaths.

Nobody has been able to achieve their 2020 plans, and it seems as though everybody is taking out their frustration on Twitter. This has given rise to the My Plans 2020 Meme, a comedic take on the world before vs after the pandemic.

What is the My Plans vs 2020 Meme?

The meme is a hilarious take on what the year would’ve been like before the coronavirus.

It shows two images, one that represents your plans for 2020 and then another which is the reality.

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It’s safe to say our aims for 2020 definitely didn’t go to plan.

Photo by Tristan Gassert on Unsplash

7 Best My Plans vs 2020 Memes

Here are seven of the best memes to represent the way the coronavirus has pretty much ruined our lives.

This first one is the famous scene from the US comedy The Office. Kevin carries a large pot of chilli and drops it all over the floor, then he tries to clear it up but just ends up rolling around in a pile of chilli. That definitely represents our plans for 2020.

This next one takes shots from Jurassic World. We planned to be a dinosaur relaxing in the sunshine, and then the world just turned to fire and smoke, disrupting everything.

Our New Year plans was all sunshine and rainbows, but instead we got rocks and thorns just like Homer Simpson.

We thought 2020 would be so simple, hoping we’d all be gazelle’s grazing at a little pond and going about our day with little trouble. Then the gazelle gets eaten.

This next one definitely represents a lot of truth. We simply thought we’d be smiling our way through 2020, but instead it’s just done a lot of crying. Oh and did you forget that time when World War 3 almost started? 2020 was definitely doomed from the start.

If you’re a fan of the Nintendo game Mario Kart then you’ll love this one. You know when you’ve been in first place for the whole race and then you’re right near the end and one of those nasty blue shells comes and blows you up. And then someone overtakes you on the finish line. Yeah, that’s 2020 summed up.

And finally, we’ll end on a bit of a lighter note. If you haven’t seen the hilarious video about making a huge lasagne in Wembley Stadium then where have you been. Its definitely been the best joke of the pandemic.

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