The PS5 is a highly anticipated next-generation console and Sony loyalists are currently anticipating a huge event in early June. While not everyone is currently über excited about the upcoming console due to not having seen or heard enough about it, there is currently a PS5 secured meme all over the internet which implies the huge lengths people will go to get the next-gen system as soon as it launches.

In comparison to the Xbox Series X, we don’t know what the PS5 console looks like. There is the suggestion that it’ll be mostly white with aspects of black like its official controller, but lots of people are currently annoyed about not knowing its shape or how big it’ll be. Yet, despite the lack of an official unveiling, we have seen Unreal Engine 5 in action on the system and Sony have also revealed lots of interesting and mouth-watering details about its hardware.

However, away from tech mumbo-jumbo and upcoming events, a lot of people are simply excited for the system thanks to the trust Sony has earned with the PS4. And, to emphasise their excitement, a lot of people are spreading a PS5 secured meme which you’ll discover the meaning of down below.

What does the PS5 secured meme mean?

The meaning of the PS5 secured meme is basically people doing things they usually wouldn’t to get the console as soon as possible.

One of the more innocent examples of the PS5 secured meme is dudes saying they’ll be extra nice to their partner to get them to buy the console when it comes out.

We can’t go into the more raunchy and common examples that can be found all over Twitter as they’re not appropriate to include, but the basic premise is doing whatever must be done to secure money to get the system.

If you search for the meme on social media spaces such as Twitter, you’ll quickly figure out for yourself how it’s about doing things for money to buy the PS5 or to get it as a gift from a partner.

For those who enjoy dabbling in the console warspace, you’ll also find some references to the meme and how no one is spreading it for the Xbox Series X.

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