KFC are starting to reopen a selection of their stores and to mark the occasion have released an advert that has social media on the verge of tears.

Creating a memorable advert can often be a tricky business and is even seen as an art form by some.

However, KFC’s latest effort is the perfect example of an advert that gets into your mind and stays there.

Not only does the ad feature some humour and a well-known song, a staple of a successful advert, but it’ll leave your mouth salivating over KFC chicken.

Reaction to the ad on social media has been hugely positive and has even brought some to tears.

KFC’s new advert

The new KFC advert is here and signifies the reopening of a selection of the fast-food chain’s stores.

The 30-second ad shows off a selection of homemade attempts at creating KFC chicken, while Celine Dion’s All By Myself plays in the background.

Some of the efforts look much more appetising than others.

The ad miraculously concludes with KFC saying that “We’ve missed you too but we’ll take it from here.”


Social media reacts

The advert has earned a hugely positive reaction on social media from fans who have been missing their fried chicken fix since branches had to shut as the UK entered lockdown.

But now, the reopening of selected stores and this advert has got chicken lovers choking up with emotion.

As this Twitter user puts it: “I s*** you not. I’ve just got weepy over the fecking KFC advert. Lockdown has got me broken.”

While another added: “Either I’m hormonal or lockdown is getting to me- just got all emotional over a #KFC advert”

And finally, this over-emotional chicken lover wrote: “This advert is solid gold. It’s also my most embarrassing pandemic emotional moment: I teared up! Over a KFC advert! Not impressed with my feelings right now.”

Photo Illustration by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Find out which KFC branches are open

Naturally, the new KFC advert will give viewers a hankering for chicken but where can you find an open KFC?

Well, KFC’s store locator has all the answers you need.

It’s worth noting that only drive-thru and delivery stores are open at the time of writing to help maintain social distancing measures.

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