Jason Derulo has a new pants challenge on TikTok and people are obsessed about it.

TikTok remains the most popular social media app for many during the lockdown period.

The site has grown so much among the millennial generation that it prompted celebrities and whole households to get involved with it. According to reports, TikTok sees more than 800 million active users every single month.

The app offers a lot of trending content – from hilarious prank videos to dance challenges – and it’s no brainers why TikTok offers something unique for every single user.

For instance, Jason Derulo’s pants challenge is the latest obsession on TikTok. So, let’s find more about the singer’s new trend and see how other people are getting involved.

What is Jason Derulo’s pants challenge?

The pants challenge sees Jason Derulo jump straight into his pants.

In the TikTok video, two of Jason’s friends are holding joggers while Jason approaches behind them, makes a pretty big jump in the air and gets straight into the pants.

Is it a magic trick or something? No, it’s purely Jason’s skills as he’s super flexible and toned.

See what we are talking about from the TikTok video below.


How I’m putting on pants from now on

♬ Wing$ – Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Are people doing Jason Derulo’s pants challenge?

It’s been only a day since Jason uploaded the TikTok video so users haven’t shared their own pants challenges just yet.

However, if the trend picks up it’s likely to come up under the hashtags #jasonderulopantschallenge or #jasonderulochallenge.

When you search for ‘Jason Derulo challenge’ on TikTok you will find that there are plenty of other users that have copied some of Jason’s videos such as his choreographed dance routines.

Jason Derulo’s pants challenge elsewhere

Jason Derulo’s trending pants video has picked up some popularity across Instagram and Twitter too.

For instance, Twitter users say they are amazed by the way Jason makes the whole challenge look so easy.

And if the challenge picks up across other social media apps, it won’t be too long until it gets massive hits for Jason Derulo.

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