With all this extra time on our hands thanks to the government lockdown, the internet has been providing us with plenty of challenges to keep us occupied.

The newest one is the Towel Flip Challenge and this one has got us bending and stretching all over the place trying to complete it!

If you want a challenge and need a bit of exercise too why not kill two birds with one stone and give this challenge a go. All you need is a towel and some will-power, and if you manage it, why not film it and upload it to social media to prove your skills?

We’ve done our research and given you some top tips to complete this challenge like a pro, so read on to find out everything to do with the Towel Flip Challenge.

What is the Towel Flip Challenge?

The towel flip challenge is pretty self explanatory and the aim of this challenge is to flip a towel over. But it isn’t as easy as it may seem as you can’t step off the towel whilst trying to flip it over.

You have to place a towel flat on the ground and try to flip it completely the other way around, making sure not to step off the towel or you lose.

The challenge has been keeping people fit and is one for the whole family. Anyone can give it a go and all you need is a towel, something which every household will have, so you don’t need to rush out for supplies to give this challenge a try.

People have been posting their attempts online and it’s clear good balance and a little bit of flexibility is needed, and some planning on your technique because once you’ve started, it is quite hard to change your mind on how to do it.

This challenge isn’t dangerous, especially compared to some of the others going around at the moment such as the Skull Breaker Challenge, but make sure you’re not around any sharp surfaces, or anything delicate in case you lose your balance or trip on the towel.

How to do the Towel Challenge

There are lots of different methods, but we’ve scoured the internet and found the best technique for you to complete the towel challenge quickly and with minimal injury!

  • Place your towel on the floor and stand on top of it
  • Move to the back end of the towel and bend down to pick up the top corner of the towel
  • Fold it over the other side (like you’re making a triangle) but make sure it overlaps so a bit of it is on the floor, not on top of the other piece of towel
  • Step onto the small piece of towel which is the right side up and should be touching the floor
  • Grab the rest of the towel which is still the wrong way round and flip it over
  • Straighten the towel out, and you’re done.

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