Fortnite has received update 12.60 and you can find patch notes shared by many outlets pretty much all over the place. However, away from this newest update, a lot of eager fans are looking forward into the future and thus want to know when the fan-dubbed Doomsday event is happening. While an official date isn’t known, there are suggestions that the season 2 map will be flooded before the launch of season three.

Season three was delayed awhile back meaning we’ve been stuck in season two longer than Epic Games initially intended. However, we haven’t been starved of things to do as there was recently an ‘astronomical’ Travis Scott concert and there have also been Party Royale shenanigans for players wanting a break from the constant Hunger Games matchups.

While all of this has been incredibly exciting to witness and participate in, a lot of eager fans have been watching the background construction of an apparent Doomsday device. And, with Epic Games having a fetish for blowing things up, players are eagerly anticipating an unconfirmed event tied to this machine which will seemingly result in the season two map being flooded.

Where is the Doomsday device in Fortnite?

The Doomsday device in Fortnite is an ominous construction that can be seen in the Battle Pass menu.

Although it hasn’t officially been referred to as a Doomsday device by Epic Games, Fortnite leakers and fans have dubbed it as such.

In regard to who is responsible for the end of the world contraption in the making, most guesses around the internet involve Midas.

The Doomsday device has been constantly evolving in different stages and FortTory has captured screenshots to show its evolution.

When is the Doomsday event in Fortnite happening?

The Doomsday event in Fortnite should happen just before or exactly on June 4th.

As for why the Doomsday event should happen before or on the aforementioned date, it’s because this is when season three is planned to officially begin.

We don’t officially know what to expect from the prophesised end of the world, but twitter user and frequent leaker iFireMoney has suggested that the season two map will be flooded. This aligns itself with previous rumours that season three will have an underwater theme and new mechanics.

In addition to the above, FortTory has also found files which suggest that energy waves will soon be added to the Doomsday device.

Lastly, Twitter user Spedicey1 has also posted an image of what the Doomsday event countdown will look like (know that the time is not correct).

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