Dead to Me is back on Netflix, but did Judy kill Ted? Let’s recap as more flock to check out this outrageous black comedy.

The streaming service has given us lots to treasure this year, but the return of Dead to Me stands out as one of the best highlights so far.

Created by Liz Feldman, the series first arrived in 2019 and centred on the friendship between Jen and Judy.

Jen (Christina Applegate) is a real estate agent who is recently widowed and undergoing therapy. While trying to recover from grief, she meets Judy (Linda Cardellini) at a group therapy session.

They soon strike up a friendship… a very, very complicated one at that!

It’s a terrific show full of twists and turns, so let’s take a moment to reflect on one of the biggest.

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Dead to Me: Did Judy kill Ted?


Yes, Judy killed Ted, but it’s a little more complicated than that.

Jen’s world is rocked when she discovers that her partner was, in fact, living another life behind closed doors.

Judy’s confession is foreshadowed throughout the season, with details added in about a car in storage etc. While it’s suggested she may have imagined the incident, it’s later confirmed.

We learn that Steve shares responsibility, and if not for him, perhaps Ted may have survived the collision. He encouraged Judy to flee the scene immediately, swiftly morphing what could have been a tragic accident into a sinister crime.

Although she wanted to do the right thing, he helped manipulate her into leaving the grisly catastrophe behind. Together, they then went about covering their tracks, but it’s soon revealed that Steve had placed the blame on her: “You were driving. You are the criminal. I’m the only eyewitness.”

A criminal investigation would likely have exposed unlawful activity in his professional life, hence the desire to shift the blame entirely.

This all comes out eventually and it’s understood that Ted could’ve survived if Judy was allowed to help.

Audiences talk Dead to Me

A number of the show’s fans have weighed in on Twitter, offering their thoughts on the storyline.

One recently tweeted: “Dead To Me kind of moved on from the whole ‘Ted was cheating on Jen before he died’ thing way too quickly. Like I think that should’ve had more to do with his death. And more on that. Less Steve stuff…”

Another argued: “Past trauma possibly caused Judy to be a people pleaser never wanting to say no, leading her to be wrapped in a web of lies. Judy didn’t want to say no to Steve and now she’s kinda in the same situation with Jen. Judy is a victim. Thanks for coming to my Ted Talk #DeadToMe.”

One also added: “Just finished season 1 of #DeadToMe. Really enjoyed it up until they started making it out like Steve was to blame over Ted’s death. And then the twist at the end is just a little bit too far fetched…”

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