When reports emerged of Luis Campos leaving Lille, the natural thought for many was to pair him up with Tottenham Hotspur.

RMC Sport reported on Sunday that sporting director Campos had asked to leave Lille. Back in November, The Guardian claimed that Mourinho was confident of bringing his compatriot to North London.

The pair know each other from Real Madrid, and Mourinho often attended Lille games with Campos following his departure from Manchester United.

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A middle man between Daniel Levy and Mourinho would be ideal; somebody who knows the transfer market, somebody who has a history of bringing in talented young players without breaking the bank.

Campos fits the bill, and RTP in Portugal claim that a deal is close. Their report states that ‘sources close to’ Mourinho and Campos suggest that Spurs have got their man.

However, there’s some confusion over the situation too. ESPN claim that Campos isn’t actually in the running for the Tottenham role, despite the rumours.

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Their report states that Campos is likely to rejoin Monaco instead. It’s even noted that Campos and Mourinho last spoke about joining forces back in November, and the subject hasn’t been revisited.

So, it’s all a bit ‘clear as mud’ for Spurs fans. We have one source claiming the deal is all but done, and another saying it isn’t even being discussed. Time will tell, but the rumours continue.

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