Smokers are asking a big question right now: can I still buy menthol filter tips? With the banning of menthol cigarettes, let’s take a look.

It’s safe to say that every single one of us is dealing with significant lifestyle changes at the moment.

It has been a couple of months since Boris Johnson made his pivotal statement, instructing us only to leave the home for work if absolutely necessary, infrequently shopping for essentials and brief exercise.

Now, we’ve seen a shift from “stay home” to “stay alert”, and that isn’t the only thing that’s changed.

However, away from changes as a result of COVID-19, there are other new rulings which have raised eyebrows.

Recently, smokers have been surprised by the ceased production and sale of menthol cigarettes.

Is it the end of menthol?

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Can I still buy menthol filter tips?

Yes, you can still buy menthol filter tips.

As noted by ACS, The European Union Revised Tobacco Products Directive (2014/40/EU) has made it an offence for manufacturers to produce menthol cigarettes and for retailers to sell them.

This new law is in effect from May 20th 2020.

You will now be unable to buy capsule, click on, click & roll, crushball or dual menthol cigarettes.

Although you are still able to purchase menthol filter tips, they must be packaged separately from the tobacco product. Nevertheless, you can purchase them individually in the same transaction.

Why are menthol cigarettes banned?

The decision has been made in attempts to deter young people from smoking.

According to iNews, there have long been concerns that menthol cigarettes entice young people to take up the habit, as they are easier to inhale than regular cigarettes and the taste can be considered more appealing.

Indeed, some even think they’re healthier than regular cigarettes, despite no evidence supporting such claims.

Previously, it was made illegal to sell them in packages of more than 20, but now they’re unavailable altogether, with the source addressing the UK’s aims to be smoke-free by 2030.

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Menthol cigarettes in the UK

So, to clarify, you can no longer purchase menthol cigarettes.

However, you can still purchase menthol filter tips in the same transaction as tobacco, as long as they are not packaged together.

Taking this into consideration, it’s likely that sales of menthol filter tips will surge. On the other hand, it’s also likely that many will use this as an opportunity to kick the habit.

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