Call Of Duty Warzone has received another massive update much to the chagrin of its fanbase. In this update players can now open previously locked bunkers by attaining red access cards. Here you’ll discover where the bunkers are located and how you get red access cards so you can open and loot all the treasure on offer.

Warzone players are understandably anticipating the end of season three so they can move onto season four and there’s varying speculation as to when the fourth season will begin. Some outlets have it pegged for early June, whereas others have guessed that it’s just a matter of days away.

Regardless of when the next season drops and begins, Call Of Duty players can now open a number of bunkers to grab lots of loot. And, in order to do this, you’ll need red access cards that were previously a mystery.

How to get red access cards in Call Of Duty Warzone

You get red access cards in Call Of Duty Warzone by opening Legendary crates.

These orange crates can be found across the Call Of Duty Warzone map, but you are not always guaranteed to get a red access card.

In addition to Legendary crates, you can also get them from blue boxes but again it’s rare.

Once you get the necessary item in your inventory, you’ll then want to head to the bunkers.

This is because they are now possible to open with the card and inside lies loot for you to pick up.

Where are the bunker locations in Warzone?

Bunkers can be found all across the Call Of Duty Warzone map.

As for what these bunkers look like when on the prowl for them, most Call Of Duty Warzone players will find them with a number and yellow bars across the door.

Provided you have a red access card, you can open the barred off door by pressing the on-screen button when next to a keypad.

Most of the bunkers can be found on the outskirts of the map but know that not all of them are above ground. While all of the bunkers above ground will open with the access card, bunker 11 is an exception to the rule.

Twitter user ItsNkots has created a diagram which shows the location of every bunker in Call Of Duty Warzone as well as the location of every phone and laptop.

When does Call Of Duty Warzone season 4 begin?

No one knows when Call Of Duty Warzone season 4 will begin.

However, some people have pegged it to begin as early as May 26th whereas others are anticipating it for early June.

While we don’t know when the fourth season will start, it’s possible that Activision’s newest update has provided clues and teasers ala Fortnite.

Users have pointed out that the phones are ringing in Call Of Duty Warzone and that Russian voices can be heard with the supposed following translation:

“All forces, the base is captured! Change the encryption!”

“Right away!”


“…They’re getting closer!”

It’s possible that the above is a tease for season four, but some others have suggested that it could also perhaps be a tease for the next announcement of the next Call Of Duty game which has supposedly had its title leaked.