The news surrounding the ‘Wanna be friends?’ YouTube hacking-comment has been strife on the internet within the past few days. Here is everything you need to know about the story.

If you have been paying attention to the YouTube news within the past few days, chances are you have seen the story surrounding the ‘Wanna be friends?’ comment.

This was a theory that by replying to a bot comment on a YouTube video, a hacker could gain access to your YouTube account and turn it into a comment farm for promoting fake channels.

Understandably, people are confused about the whole issue. Here is everything you need to know, including what you need to do in order to secure your YouTube account from hackers like these.

What is the ‘Wanna be friends’ comment?

The ‘Wanna be friends?’ YouTube hacking issue came to light when popular content creator Evanz111 posted a video titled “Wanna be friends?” – The Most Dangerous Comment on YouTube”.

In the video, ‘Evanz111’ exposes a YouTube hacking account called ‘Logan’ that uses comments to gain access to other people’s accounts.

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The person or group behind the ‘Logan’ channel, alternate names include ‘Triby’ and ‘Sounds’, appears to have figured out a way to access peoples YouTube accounts in order to leave comments on his own channel – simulating channel growth.

In the video, Evanz claims that “Thousands of people have lost their entire channels from this one, innocent comment.”

“If you search any words into the YouTube search bar and filter results by upload time, you’re bound to find this comment on whatever you click on. No matter what it’s about, no matter how many views that video has” says Evanz.

Fellow YouTuber Mutahar Anasnote from ‘SomeOrdinaryGamers’ believes that the hack could be related to OAuth token system – the system that allows you to access platforms through permissions.

Evanz concludes that this is as “One of the largest security breaches I’ve seen YouTube go through.” However, he disclosed to YouTube news channel Scarce that he has since been in contact with the YouTube tech support team about this matter.

What is the risk of ‘Wanna be friends?’ comment?

Whilst it may be true that thousands of users have had their accounts hacked because of the ‘wanna be friends?’ comment, YouTuber ‘TheQuatering’ believes that there is actually a very low risk for users.

“It is extremely unlikely that interacting with or having this comment on your video would put you in any kind of risk. There is no evidence currently that supports that replying to YouTube comment that is made within the YouTube system would put you at risk.”

He goes on to add that, “There is likely some spoofing going on. I don’t think that interacting, viewing or watching videos on this person’s YouTube channel has put anyone at risk.”

Securing your account from ‘Wanna be friends?’ hacker

TheQuatering has some excellent advice when it comes to securing your YouTube account from either the people behind the ‘Wanna be friends?’ comment or other hackers:

  1. Update your YouTube passwords!

“This is something that people should do most often anyways it just takes a few minutes but you should” he says.

2. Enable two-factor authentication!

“If you are a youtuber, make today the day you enable two-factor authentication. This will also rule out basically anyone else getting access.”

3. Review your Google Security Checkup!

“Go to Google from your Google account and search for ‘Security Checkup’ you’ll see your security account… It will, most importantly, show you third-party access. This will be the accounts that you have historically given access to…If you are worried about being up to date and having possible vulnerabilities then strongly consider removing it, even temporarily.”

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