The Doodle Challenge has taken over the social media site, TikTok, recently but what exactly is the challenge and how can you take part?

The internet has always been full of a myriad of weird and wonderful trends.

That’s something that has only increased since the outbreak of COVID-19 and the subsequent lockdown as we’ve all been searching for ways of keeping ourselves entertained.

One of the primary sources of this has been the social media site, TikTok, which has gained a huge amount of users in recent weeks.

The app has found popularity for a number of reasons, from dance videos to viral challenges.

One such challenge is the so-called Doodle Challenge but what exactly is this new trend and how can you take part at home?

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What is the Doodle Challenge?

The Doodle Challenge is a relatively simple challenge that sees particpants trying to guess what is being drawn on a piece of paper on their backs.

Quite often this leads to some hilarious results as you can see in the exmaple below.

The challenge itself has been around for some time but has recently been adopted by TikTok users all over the world.

How to take part

Taking part in this challenge should be easy enough if you have a pair of pens, two pieces of paper and a partner to participate with.

  • First up you and your partner will need to line up so that one of you is leaning against a flat surface and the other is leaning against the back of your partner.
  • Then the person behind begins to slowly draw an image on the piece of paper.
  • The person in front must then try and work out what is being drawn on the piece of paper on their back and translate that into an image on the paper in front of them.
  • Once that is done, examine the results and laugh at the complete mess you’ve made.

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