Riddles are still trending on social media, so why don’t you try solving this one on your next quiz with family or friends.

The rise of riddles and puzzles was unexpected after people started searching for different ways to keep themselves busy and entertained during the lockdown.

A number of old riddles have resurfaced back on the internet, leading to people scratching their heads over unsolvable questions.

We’ve got another popular riddle that you can try solving on your own or challenge someone in your household.

Leopard, picture by Geoff Brooks on Unsplash

Riddle: ‘How can a leopard change its spots?’

The question of this riddle is short and simple but it will definitely give you extra pressure until you get it solved.

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The riddle goes as the following:

How can a leopard change its spots?

Before you look the answer down below, spend some time giving the riddle some thought.

But if you have no idea about the answer, don’t you worry as we’ve got you covered.

Answer: ‘How can a leopard change its spots?’

  • The answer is by moving from one spot to another!

Obviously, leopards can’t change their spots so unless you know that first then you might have spent a good chunk of your time thinking how can they actually alter their skin.

And in case you’re still not happy and need a scientific explanation, an article on Science Daily explains more about leopards’ spots and tigers’ stripes and why they can’t change them.

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