Pokémon Go is one of the most popular mobile games as of now and Niantic have provided fans with lots of things to do since lockdown began thanks to throwback challenges. However, away from these objectives which provide rewards such as unique encounters, fans of the mobile hit will soon be able to vote for the June and July 2020 Community Day Pokémon with exclusive moves. Here you’ll discover when and how you can provide your input.

As previously mentioned, there’s been a lot for fans to do during May thanks to the throwback challenges. We are currently in the Hoenn region, but we’ll soon transition to Sinnoh which will provide its own unique encounters.

Yet, while that’s exciting in its own right, Pokémon Go fans can also anticipate casting their vote for the June and July 2020 Community Day.

Pokémon Go Community Day June and July 2020 candidates

The Pokémon Go Community Day candidates for the June and July 2020 events can be found below with their exclusive moves:

  • Squirtle – Evolve Wartortle to get a Blastoise that knows the fighting-type attack Aura Sphere
  • Weedle – Evolve Kakuna to get a Beedrill that knows the Ground-type attack Drill Run
  • Sandshrew – Evolve Sandshrew or Alolan Sandshrew to get a Sandslash or Alolan Sandslash that knows the Ghost-type attack Shadow Claw.
  • Gastly – Evolve Haunter to get a Gengar that knows that the Ghost-type attack Shadow Punch

How to vote for Pokémon Go Community Day June and July 2020

You can vote for the Pokémon Go June and July 2020 Community Day on May 23rd at 18:00 PDT, 21:00 EST, and 02:00 BST on May 24th.

Niantic will post a Pokémon Go Community Day June and July 2020 poll on their official Twitter account and this is how you’ll be able to cast your vote.

Know in advance that the polling will stop on May 24th at 18:00 PDT and 21:00 EST, while 02:00 BST on May 25th.

There’s no date for when the winners will be announced, but Niantic says they will be revealed shortly after the poll’s deadline.

The Pokémon that receives the most votes will be featured for the June Community Day, whereas the one with the second highest will be featured during July.

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