Facebook’s latest Egg Challenge has taken over social media but it’s definitely not one to try at home.

The internet has often been full of a plethora of weird and wonderful trends but thanks to the ongoing pandemic and subsequent lockdown, those trends are weirder than ever.

While some may be turning to things like quizzes and riddles to keep themselves occupied, a number of Facebook users have discovered a much more bizarre trend and it’s not one that you’ll want to try yourself.

The trend in question is known as the Egg, Sugar and Shot Challenge and it’s one that has left participants grimacing in disgust.

But what exactly is the challenge and why has it provoked such a displeasing reaction?

Photo by: BSIP/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

The Egg, Sugar, Shot Challenge

The Egg, Sugar, Shot Challenge is a simple one but as you can see in the video below, it’s not pleasant.

The challenge sees the participant having to eat/drink a raw egg, swallow a shot of sugar followed by a shot of an alcoholic spirit, usually whiskey, a bizarre combination to be sure.

While the example below, from Paul Nel on YouTube, is successful, there are plenty of videos out there showing this challenge going very wrong as those trying it out learn that they’re not fans of the raw egg, sugar and alcohol combination.

Paul Nel | YouTube

A descendant of the Raw Egg Challenge

The Egg, Sugar, Shot challenge seems to be an evolution of the Raw Egg Challenge which saw participants simply having to down a raw egg yolk to succeed.

Now, this new version that has been sweeping the internet since the COVID-19 lockdown began seems to have become the more popular option on social media sites such as YouTube and Facebook in particular.

Adam Nieścioruk on Unsplash

It’s not the only Egg Challenge out there

It hardly comes as a surprise to learn that eggs have been used for much more than cooking and eating in the world of online social media.

As the video below shows, this alternative Egg Challenge starts off with a spin the bottle to choose a player while the rest of those present run away.

The task presented to the player is to hit one of the fleeing participants with an egg and as you can see, the player in the case absolutely nails it.

The question is, would you rather eat raw yolk or have an egg pelted at you? We’re not sure either is a particularly attractive option.

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