Season 1 of Rugal may have only just ended, but fans are eager to know if the K-drama will return for a second kick-ass instalment.

Rugal has been one of Netflix’s most popular Korean dramas of the year so far, which is impressive considering the range of excellent shows available on the platform.

The series tells the story of Kang Gi-beom, a former police officer who is given highly-advanced robotic eyes after being drafted into a black ops programme called Rugal.

Rugal is made up of a team of artificially-enhanced people who are in a battle against the notorious Argos gang, who themselves are running their own human experiments.

The 16-part series came to a head on Sunday 17th May with a season finale that had fans sad, laughing, relieved and worried. Now, fans are left wondering if and when the series will return for a second season.

Rugal season 2 renewal status

Unfortunately, there is no confirmation as of yet that Rugal will return for a second season.

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However, with how popular Rugal and other Korean dramas have been for Netflix in 2020, there is a high probability that the show will indeed return.

Keep an eye on the actors Instagram’s for details about season 2, but Netflix will most likely wait a little while to gauge viewer reaction to the season finale before confirming season 2.

Rugal season 2 plot options

As the show Rugal is based on the webcomic ‘Rugal’ by Rilmae, there is no lack of original material that the show can lean on for season 2.

However, there are several hints as to where the storyline could go in a season 2.

Firstly, we know that Huang Deuk-gu is still alive, no doubt he will escape prison and look for revenge on the former team members of Rugal.

Secondly, we see that Gi-beom has created his own vigilante / citizen justice company and is hunting down old Argos member, could he get the team together?

Finally, and most importantly, we very briefly see a group of politicians and businessmen discussing the creation of a new black ops programme. Could a Rugal version 2 be created and if so, could the first mission be to eliminate the original team?

Rugal season 2 release date

Currently, there is no information about when a second season of Rugal would be released.

However, we know that the show’s first script reading took place in October 2019, meaning that the production team have the ability to generate the show extremely quickly.

Fans are sceptical about when season 2 could drop, but most are predicting an early-2021 release date.

All 16 episodes from season 1 of Rugal are available for you to view right now on Netflix.

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